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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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right now, cedar rapids olice are investigating a man is happened in the eleven-hundred block of third street southwest. southwest.police responded there around one-15 this afternoon.the man was taken to the hospital - he's expected to be 2 news reached out to police within the last half-hour but they were unable to provide any additional information. also this evening, the linn unty sheheff's office is continuing to investigate a murder. murder.deputies responded just after midnight this morning to the ced-rel motel, along highway 30, just west of cedar rapids.they found 23-ar-old jimmi-jon lee lint, of mount auburn with stab wounds.he later died at a hospital. hospital.nowthis man, 47-year-old michael lehman, who deputies say lived at the motel, icharged with first degree murder. 2 news reporter steffi lee has worked all day to learn what motivated lehman to allegedly kill lint.
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i spoke to several residents here at the ced-rel motel who says lint kept to himself.but this criminal complaint says michael stephen lehman's stabbing of jimmi-jon lee lint was premeditated. premeditated. "because he called michael a ********(edit wordrdrandy mccraney said it took only one word for his next door neighbor to transform this quiet ced-rel motel - into a chaotic crime scene monday morning. morning."michael was mad at him over a aargument over something that went on between those two."linn county deputies say 47-year-old michael stephen lehman stabbed 23-year-old jimmi-jon lee lint to death in lint's motel room. room. "mr. lehman had been registered there at that residence since july of this year."online records show lehman was convicted of two sexual abuse incidents in 2009 - in johnson countytynd clayton county.sheriff gardner says lint was living with his brother, who is also listed on
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more than 20 sex offenders are registered as living at ced- rel l tel. mccraney is also on the list. list. "it is a safe place - there's nothing wrong with this place, it's just the people that come here." here."authorities say there was no previous connection between both men outside of monday morning's arguments.'s left randy wondering why - especially because he says lint never bothered anyoyo. anyone. "it's got me shaken up a hell of a lot - the kid - i like the young man, he's cool, he's nice, he's harmless." lehman is in the linnnncounun correctional facility under a one million dollar - cash only bond.that includes the bond for violating his parole. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, steffi lee, cbs 2 news. new tonight at six, six,one man is recoveveng after linn county sheriff's deputies say he lost control and crashed his truck into a church. happened at the kingdom hall of jehovah's
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witnesses on mount vernon road around 9-45 thihimorning. nobody was inside the church at the time. you are looking live right now at paris, where many got back to work today and tried to return to a sense of normalcy following friday night's terror attacks.cities here in the u-s have stepped up security at a number of locations, including many mass-transit hubs. hubs.also, happening right now, now,cbs 2 news is part of a a live town hall.a panel of experts is in place discussing the recent attacks as well as the current situation of the terror threat around the world. you can watch this town hall live right now on cbs 2 iowa dot com. *no syrian refugee resettlements by state agencies in iowa.that's the new order late today from governor terry branstad.'s one of the most popular stories on our facebook page right now. allegations that at least one of those involved in friday's attacks came to europe among
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across the untry on edge. branstad's office says the halt will be in place until a review of the processes can be conducted by federal officials. already, at least 21-other ates say they're closing their borders to the refugees. a group in iowa city is asking for university of iowa president bruce harreld to answer questions publicly. publicly.they're called iowans defending our universities-- a group formed in response to harreld's selection in september. 2 news reporter mellaney moore explains what the group has planned next. the group tells me they want to know what president harreld thinks about important community issues and how he plans to show leadership. leadership. iowans definding our universities is inviting the community to an open discussion. discussion. to develop our own strategies, to be publicly accountable, for the community to participate.the community assembly will be held on campus tuesday night. night. folks can have their voices be heard and think about how their concerns about the wellbeing, the economic
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wellbeing of iowa city and the university of iowa and the status of the university of iowa can be maintained.they say it's a model of democracy in action...they also want to discuss their hopes and goals for the community and of those to hear from president harreld publicly. publicly. i believe that it's very important for harreld to be accountable to his constituents and thusfar, he's been hiding behind private, heavily guarded meetings.the university of iowa says president harreld has met with community members since his first day....both one-on-one and in small groups.they say it allows for more open and constructive conversation.but the i-d-o-u ys they want to ask about issues like university funding, sexual sault and racism where everyone can hear. hear. he just needs to come and represent himself in front of others where hf's not, he doesn;t have like a set, you know, thing, a list in front of him, soso sort of speech the idou says everyone is
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tomorrow night.we have the details of that event on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. have *you received your flu vaccination? vaccination?public health officials say iowa now h one of the highest influenza activity rates in the nation. in fact, two central iowa men have already died from the flu. the c-d-c says iowa, oregon and rhode island have th highest flu levels right now and continue to say the flu ccine is the best defense. while many scramble to get their flu shot, others are trying to find a way to buy a *new medicine to fight *chronic illnesses.there are several success stories out there and one iowa woman tells cbs 2 news she's tired of the stonewalling. "you know, once i got into this movement i heard about so many people, 'oh yeah, so and so used that. oh yeah, i had a relative that knew t tt worked. i was just dumbfounded. i thought why have we been systematically liked to by our government for
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i show you how far parents are goininto help their children childrenencoming up tonight on the cbs 2 news ten at 10. texas senator and presidential candidate ted cruz is has earned the endorsement of a top iowa delegate. delegate.congressman steve king, who representstse western part of the state, threw his support behind cruz today. today.king saying cruz has been unmatched when it comes to taking on what he called the "washington cartels" and saying cruz does listen. midamerican energy is taking its wind turbines to new levels. the utility announced it will install its first concrete wind turbine tower, in adams county, in western iowa.concrete towers already exist in some areas, but mid-american says the one it's planning will be the *tallest in the country--about as tall as the washington monument when the blades are added.mid-american hopes to have it built by the end of the year. the chairwoman of the iowa utilities board is preventing four million dollars in
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funding from going to a state research center, focused on renewable energy.geri huser says she has no indications money was mis-spent.she wants an audit of the center's programs during the past five the meantime, the centererat iowa state university, says it may have to suspend grant programs and lay off workers. a marion man has taken to kickstarter to make his space park dreams come true. true.doug smith is the founder of the terra luna park foundation.smith says he's always been fascinated by space.he wants terra luna park to be a spot that honors efforts mama in space exploration.he says he'd like to partner with another space museum in the country.but if that doesn't work, he'd like to build it here. the ideal situation would be to partner with a space muse whoalready has s e land, there are a couple that are ideal so i've been approaching them." them."he says his kickstarter
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campaign aims to raise more thananix thousand dollars for starting costs. still to come tonight on the cbs 2 news at six, the season of giving. giving.the salvation army needs your they're making it easy for you to donate your extra food for
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13 as the best states for what do we need to do to improve that number? number?tomorrow on cbs2 this morning, tips from experts on how women can improve in leadership and social health. see you then! there's a slightly new approach to donating food through the salvation army this holiday season. season.this year, the organization will be at one store a day collecting food. starting today until november 23-rd, they'll be set up and receiving donations at these hy-vee locations. the goal is to fill 13-hundred christmas food bags and fulfill a mission of helping out families in need.the salvation army is still looking for volunteers...check out our website--cbs 2 iowa dot com-- for more information on how you can donate your time and money to the salvation army. the weatatr made for a dreary monday this week. chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your
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temperatures are mild in the mid to upper 40s 40s an active week with rain and snow snow highs were in the 50s with light rain
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46-50 lt rain and drizzle scattered about eastern iowa iowa rain advances north across iowa tonight and tuesday
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nort rain will be heavy heavycolder air arrives late week with a chance of snow
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shown cloudy, breezy and mild with showers or drizzle. lows upper 40s 40scudy with showers and possibly a t/storm, windy and mild with highs upper 50s to low 60s 60stemperatures will turn much colder late week after the rain ends wednesday. there is a chance of snow friday night or sunday
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it just gets better and better for iowa football... coming up in sports... on saturday they went where no other team in schoooohistory has gone before.. hear from the hawkeyes next on c-b-s two... "cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook
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before the season... it was just a dream... but now... it's a reality... for the first time in a long time... a national championship is within reach for the iowa hawkeyes... the magical run continued on saturday with a win over minnesota... a victory that brought the floyd of rosedale back to iowa city... and improved this team's record to 10-0 ... there's still plenty to accomplish the rest of the way... but still... this is brand new territory for hawkeye football... : it's awesome... to do something that iowa's never done before is pretty cool... and to do it out in front of that crowd is exciting... : it feels real good... it's a very good accomplishment under our belt right now... it's an honor to have that... to be the first team to go 10-0 here... : it's a tribute to this team... and how hard we've worked all season long and all offseason... and it's been a great season so far and we've
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for most of saturday's game against oklahoma state... it looked like iowa state had an upset brewing... but in the end... the cyclones lf- destructeded. but theyeye determined not to let their season go the same way... there's too much to fit for... mia o'brien has more from ames... not a lot has gone right in ameseshis fafa.... fall...."there's a few games we'd like to have back obviously. i mean the teams we've faced they're all good teams i mean... there uh.... there just good."but the cyclones aren't thinking about what's happened... happened..."that's how teams self destruct, i think. because they think about, what about that mistake you made, five weeks ago--there's nothing you can do about it now." and are just focused on what still can be done-- done--winning four games in conference here has never been done ... and basically just having pride about this university and this program." program.""we got two games left we can go t t-and-ohto end ththseason." season."because for the players, ending the season on a two-and-oh run is for the
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pride and culture of the program but also for the seniors who created it. "i wanna play for the seniors especially, i mean, you don't get many opportunities to play college football." football.""gotta keep fighting for the seniors -- send them off right." because with so many young starters, the fufure is bright....but... but..."these next two games will really show what we're made of as a team and how close we really were thqs year."there's still time to make a statement this year. in ames, mia a brien, cbs 2 sporor. after eight years... steve staker is retiring as coe's head football coach ... ending a verysuccessful run... he's the third-winningest ach in school history... and he led the kohawks to three playoff berths during his tenure... coe's decided to keep it in the family though... they've placed steve staker with his son... tyler staker is the new
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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charlie sheen and the new reports he has h h. >> what we've learned as news breaks. he's set to make a personal announcement on live tv. >> it's what's coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." i'm told that he's in treatment. >> why charlie is only addressing hiv claims now. and inside, how the s surfaced. >> started getting a half ton of e-mails. then, stars pay their respects to the people of paris.
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>> it's not just a french
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